Free Voxi SIM cards

Voxi was born in 2017 by the guys at Vodafone and hosted an epic launch party that featured performances from both Dua Lipa and Liam Payne of One Direction fame! The network has proved to be a massive success and has grown at a huge rate. You can see everything this new network has to offer below along with the latest plans and deals.

Voxi plans fresh for 2024!

Mins / TextsData4G & 5G?ContractMonthly cost

Reasons to choose Voxi

No longer age restricted!
When Voxi launched back in 2017 it was exclusively for people who are under the age of 30! However, as of April 2019 Everyone of all ages can now join and take advantage of the great deals on offer!

How does it work?
Think of Voxi as a subscription service such as Netflix but for your phone. Each month you simply pay a flat fee and get an allocated amount of data plus unlimited calls and texts. Simply order a free SIM card and once it arrives pop it into your existing mobile phone to get started.

No contracts, credit checks or shock bills
Voxi wont make you sign anything or check your credit history before allowing you to join! Also, it impossible to run up any debts with them too. So, you can use your mobile all without the hassle you normally get. 😉

No limits calls and texts
All plans from Voxi include both unlimited minutes and text messages. So, you can keep in touch without clock watching and bill monitoring!

Great network coverage
Voxi use the Vodafone network and because of this you can enjoy some of the best coverage and 4G & 5G speeds currently available.

European coverage
If you are going abroad within the EU this year you can take your Voxi plan and use it just like you would here in the UK. Each month you can use up to 20GB of data and this will come out of your allowance as usual. No extra charges or small print!

Personal hotspot / tethering
With Voxi you can use your phone to create a WiFi hotspot that you can share or connect your other devices too. Great for when your away from home or you could even use this instead of home broadband.

Get free Amazon gift cards!
Once you have joined why not invite your friends and family to join too? Everytime you do both you and a friend could receive up to £20 each in gift cards to spend on whatever you fancy!

Use popular Apps without eating into your data
Save your data and go unlimited when using the apps listed below. To qualify simply buy a plan with a value of or over the figure stated below. No need to opt in, you get to use all these popular services without using a MB of data!

BenefitApps includedEligible plans
Unlimited social mediaFacebook, X (formally Twitter),Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest£10 or more
Unlimited MusicSpotify, Amazon music, Apple music, Napster, Deezer, Tidal and Primordial radio£12 or more
Unlimited VideoYoutube, Amazon prime video, Netflix and My5£15 or more