Free Three 3 SIM Cards

Order 2 free SIMs on Three 3
Free Three 3 SIM Cards

From day one the three network was built for 3G. This means they have always been a step ahead with internet speeds and coverage. 4G on three is rolling out as we speak and this is great news for customers who are looking to join.

Three also have some of the best pay as you go rates available.

Standard plan costs

  • 3p a minute for calls
  • 2p a text
  • 1p per MB of data

All in One 10 Add-on

100 Minutes + 3000 Texts + 500MB data                                                                                           £10.00

All in One 15 Add-on

300 Minutes + 3000 Texts + All you can eat unlimited data                                                       £15.00


Reasons to join Three Mobile

The UK’s lowest pay as you go rates
Forget expensive and say hello to simple and clear great rates. Calls cost just 3p a minute, texts 2p each and data just 1p per MB. No peak or off peak tp worry about. These rates are the same whatever time of the day it is!

Great coverage, strong network
Three might be a newer network than other, however they soon caught up when building transmitter sites. 3G is the minium speed you will get and 4G is well underway.

The most reliable network
YouGov has said that Three UK is the most relaible network compared to the other major UK big players. So you can enjoy better call quality and data connection on 3


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