Free T-Mobile SIM Cards

As of 1st February 2015, T-Mobile has now fully merged with EE and the T-Mobile Free SIM offer has been phased out permanently. Don’t worry though because you can still enjoy the same T-Mobile network by ordering an EE SIM using the link below.

Order 2 Free SIMS on EE

T-Mobile is one of our most popular free SIMs and it wont take you long to see why. Along with being part of EE, they also have some fantastic deals to choose from.

When your new T-mobile SIM arrives you can choose to add something called a smart park. Three options are available and each one gives you loads of minutes, texts and data. They last for 30 days and give you much better value.

You can choose a price plan that simply uses your credit as you need it.


T-Mobile Smart Packs

100 Minutes + 400 Texts + 1GB data                                                                                                            £10.00

200 Minutes + 600 Texts + 2GB data                                                                                                            £15.00

300 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 2GB data                                                                                              £20.00


Reasons to Join T-Mobile

Low balance alerts
So you don’t run out of credit, T-Mobile will send you free balance alerts when it’s time to top up again. topping up with funds is simple. Via your phone, online, in a local shop which displays the Pay Point icon and now even at many ATM cash machines.

Keep your number for free
Once your new T-Mobile SIM card has arrived simply call up customer services and they will arrange to transfer your existing number across for free.

Loyalty gives you rewards
After you have been a customer for three months, T-Mobile will give you rewards like discounts of new handsets and free calls, texts and data.


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