Pay monthly SIM only

Pay Monthly SIMs tend to offer much better value compared to pay as you go or a contract that comes with a smartphone included. They come loaded with lots of minutes, texts and data to use each month. Many come with little and no contracts and you can upgrade/downgrade each month without penalty.

Good things to know

How to pay for your plan
Many SIM only deals collect payment just like a regular phone contract and this is via direct debit. Some networks such as Smarty, Voxi and Giffgaff for example collect your monthly payment via credit/debit card and some all PaypPal as another method of payment.

Credit checks
Some networks perform a credit check for a SIM only plan and also require you to be over the age of 18 years old. This check is easier to pass than one performed for a contract that includes an expensive smartphone. However, if you have a bad or little credit history it is still possible you will be refused.

The good news is however networks such as Voxi and Smarty don’t perform any credit checks so you are guaranteed to be accepted to these and better still they offer some of the best deals available. So it is not all bad!

Contract information
Pay monthly SIMs can sometimes come with a minimum contract duration. The most common and longest we’ve seen is for 12 months. However, today we are not sure if these are worth signing up to. You can find similar and even cheaper plans that have no contract at all.