Free pay as you go SIM cards

If you are looking for a mobile deal that has no contracts, monthly bills or commitment, a free pay as you go SIM card is perfect. We have compared the latest free deals from all the networks and have updated the details below of the latest current offers.

Pay as you go SIM Cards Information

The key facts
As the name suggests, you simply pay for your usage as you go. PAYG is great for people of all ages because they don’t have contracts and no credit check is needed. You simply top up with credit when needed and when the money has run out you will need to top up again to continue making calls and texts.

Pay as you go phones can never get you into any debt, so are perfect for those on a tight budget and for users of a younger age.

How to top up?
Adding money to your phone is really simple. We have added the most common ways to top up your mobile phone below.

  • Calling from your phone you can top up using a credit/debit card
  • Online via your networks site
  • Popping into a shop which displays the pay point logo
  • At many ATM cash machines

Isn’t pay as you go expensive?
Years ago it was more expensive, but times have changed. Even heavy users can now get great value from a PAYG deal. You can see details of these by visit the pages listed above.

Ordering and delivery
To order your free SIM card simply browse the offers listed at the top of this page and when you are ready click though to see full details. Here you can submit your details and once processed you should receive your new SIM in a few days.