Free ParentShield SIM Card


Giving your child a mobile phone can provide you with peace of mind that they are only a call or text away. However, giving them access to a mobile device can also bring a multitude of issues. Parent Shield however removes the pitfalls of a child owning a mobile phone by putting lots of safety features in place that aim to keep your children safe.


Who is the service aimed at?
Children of all ages but best suited to those who are aged between the ages of 6 – 12.

Clever Coverage
A feature we really like is that the ParentShield service uses multiple mobile phone networks to run its service. Automatically, your child’s phone will connect to the strongest signal from one of the big 4 UK mobile networks. This means you or they have a much better chance of getting in touch for the first time.

Call Blocking
You can choose to block all calls both in and out of the phone and only allow numbers you choose. This stops the wrong people contacting your child or them dialling a number you don’t want them to.

Unlimited calls and texts home
You can choose two landlines or mobile numbers that can be called anytime and without any limits. Even if the account has run out of credit. This is an amazing safety feature that means contact can be made at all times.

Record all calls and texts
If required, you can listen to and read back all activity on your child’s phone. This is easily accessed via a secure login via the ParentShield website.

Costs are capped
Premium rate calls and texts are blocked by default. So no voting for TV shows and no entering holiday competitions which are shown on many TV programmes! Once any monthly usage has been reached the phone will only let your child call the two specified numbers that you gave when setting up the account.

No contract
Kids grow up and Parent Shield knows this! As such, they don’t tie you to any contracts or cancellation fees. When you no longer want or require the service you can simply leave with no questions asked. You can even take your phone number with you for free too!

Our view
We really love the concept of ParentShield and think that it is a great service for those who have kids who are ready for their first mobile phone. The extra features which you don’t get with the big networks are really smart.

Costs seem pretty fair too. We admit that you can get cheaper deals from other providers but administering these safety features costs time and money and we feel the extra services Parent Shield offers makes the small cost difference worthwhile.

All things considered we think this is a network taking a closer look.