Free Orange SIM Cards

As of 1st February 2015, Orange has now fully merged with EE and the orange Free SIM offer has been phased out permanently. Don’t worry though because you can still enjoy the Orange network by ordering an EE SIM using the link below.

Order 2 Free SIMS on EE

Orange is one of the most established mobile networks in the UK and is now part of EE.

When your new Orange SIM card arrives and you top up, you can choose a tariff which best suits your usage. These have been built so for example if you make more calls and texts you get cheaper rates while those who use more data can opt for a plan which gives you great rates when using the internet.

Rewards for topping up
Every time you add money to your phone you get a little reward to say thanks! You can choose from free minutes, texts and data.


Reasons to join Orange

Fast delivery
Order online today and your new Orange SIM Cards will arrive in just a couple of days. Ordering is free as is the postage.

No contracts
All SIMs come with no contracts, the need for a credit check or require your bank details.

Orange offers great value
When you top up just £10 you will get £80 worth of minutes, text messages and data to use as you wish. Details of this offers are available when you top up.

Free Wi-Fi
Enjoy super fast fibre internet access on the London underground and selected other locations for no extra cost just for being an Orange mobile customer.

Films on Orange
You can download top movies via your device all with no costs or data charges. You also get access to the famous Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer.


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