Free O2 SIM Cards

O2 SIM Only Deals

  • Short 1 month contracts available
  • Use up to 25GB of plan data abroad
  • Keep your number for free
  • 5G included at no extra cost

O2 Pay as you go

  • No contracts, credit checks or fuss!
  • Change plan or cancel anytime
  • Choose a big bundle to give you plenty of extras such as unlimited calls/texts/data

Why O2?

O2 a great choice of phone and tablet plans to choose from on pay as you go. the current offer allows you to rder 2 free O2 SIM Cards that are delivered direct to your door. When you top up you can choose from a range of big bundles which give you great value.

The current price plans and details for O2 can be seen below.

O2 Phone plans

Big Bundles
This tariff gives you plenty of minutes, texts and data. Each month you can choose to top up £10, £15 or £20 Depending on your usage requirements.

Big Talker
As the name suggests you get loads of minutes with this O2 price plan. It also comes with free texts and data allowance each month.

International SIM
This plan is perfect for calling people here in the UK and abroad. International calls cost from just 1p a minute, so offers some of the best call rates on the market.

O2 Data Plans

These are great because it means you can use your iPad or tablet without the need for an open Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is make sure your tablet has a SIM Card slot.

Everytime you top up you are given an allowance of data which is measured in MB. Once this has been used you can top up again if you wish. The great thing about these plans are that they are pay as you go based so don’t have a contract and even better you are unable to run up expensive bills. So they are perfect for everyone.

Choose from one of these data plans

  • 3G iPad SIM
  • 3G Tablet SIM
  • 4G iPad SIM
  • 4G Tablet SIM

To order your free O2 data SIM simply click the link at the top of this page to be taken to the online form. Cureently you will be sent 2 free O2 SIM Cards.

Great rewards for being an O2 customer
Loyal customers can get access to gig and event tickets 48 hours before they go on genaral sale. This is call O2 Priority and is free to all pay as you go and pay monthly customers. When your SIM has been sent and activated you can take advantage of O2 Priority.

Get 10% of you top ups back
To say thanks for being an O2 customer you can earn and added bonus award. Every quater O2 will calulate how much money you will get back. The more you spend, the bigger the reward!

You can use your credit towards calls, texts or data and use it to pay for things like a new handset and much more. Full details can be seen when you activate your SIM.

Great UK coverage
O2 has spent many years not to mention bucket loads of money investing in it’s network. The end result means you can use your phone in more places and enjoy great speeds when surfing the internet and sending emails.

Not just O2!

Our site lists free SIMs and deals from all the major UK networks!