Free Giffgaff SIM cards with £5 credit included!

Get £5 FREE credit when you order your Giffgaff SIM via our site!

Giffgaff Information

Giffgaff are not like other mobile networks because they’re run by the customers who use it. This might sound mad but hang on because it really does work! If you ever need help a team of community forum members are always welcoming and helpful and for more complex issues, a team of head office customer services are also available to help too.

No contracts or nasty shocks!
If like us you don’t like being tied to long contracts or sneaky RPI price rises, GiffGaff is for you! You also wont be credit checked or forced to top up a minimum amount each month.

Save with a Goodybag!
After you’ve ordered your free SIM card from Giffgaff and activated it, you can choose to buy what’s known as a Giffgaff goodybag. Starting at just £6 a month, they give you a set amount of inclusive minutes, texts and data to use. These last for 30 days.

Giffgaff goodybags fresh for 2024
Minutes / TextsDataDetailsMonthly Price
Unlimited2 GB£6.00
Unlimited5 GB£8.00
Unlimited20 GB£10.00
Unlimited26 GB£12.00
Unlimited35 GB£15.00
Unlimited100 GB£20.00
Unlimited100 GB Always onAfter 100 GB speed will drop to 384 kbps for the rest of the month£25.00
UnlimitedUnlimitedUse all the data you need with no speed restrictions!£35.00

Flexible plans you control
You can increase or decrease your goodybag at anytime. You can even pause it for a bit too. So that you always get a great deal, Giffgaff recommend the best plan for you based on your last months usage. They do this even if it means you end up paying less!

I just want a simple pay as you go
No problem! Whilst the above goodybags offer great value for money, you can choose to pay for things like calls, texts and data as you use them. Simply add credit to your account and this will decrease as you use the services. This is a great option if you don’t use your mobile very often and you can never go into debt either. To keep your number active you just need to send a text or make a call every 6 months.

Can I tether using my data?
You sure can! All plans allow this and best of all you can use your entire data allowance to create a personal Wifi hotspot via your phone. Great for getting online using other devices such as laptops and tablets.

EU roaming is included
Each month you can use 5 GB of data in European countries. You can also enjoy unlimited calls and texts too if you have an active Goodybag.

Contact other Giffgaff customers for free
Get your friends and family to move to giffgaff and enjoy free calls and texts to each other. No catches or limits!

Great network coverage and reliability
Giff gaff is powered by the O2 mobile phone network in the UK. This means you will be covered in most areas and can enjoy fast data on 4G + 5G at no extra cost!

Paying for my service
At Giffgaff you can choose to pay online using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Offline, you can Topup using selected locations that show the Pay Point logo such as supermarkets and smaller shops.

Keep your current number
Texting and informing your friends, family and contacts that you have a new phone number is a time consuming process. Bring your current number across to Giffgaff for free.

*** Quick Tip! ***
Simply text the word ‘PAC’ to 65075 and your current network will text you back within 1 minute with your code! This message wont cost you anything either and it saves the hassle of calling customer services!

Not just giffgaff!

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