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Free GiffGaff SIM Cards

GiffGaff are not like other mobile networks because they’re run by it’s customers. This might sound a little mad, but hang on a moment because it really does work! They have a no contracts rule and simply offer some of the best prices around.

After you have ordered your free SIM card from GiffGaff and activated it, you can choose to buy what’s known as giff gaff goodybags. Starting at £5, they give you a set amount of inclusive minutes, texts and data to use.

Once they have run out you can choose to top them up or simply leave it and you go back to paying the normal low GiffGaff prices.


Giffgaff goodybags

60 Minutes + 300 Texts + 20MB data                                                                                                       £5.00

200 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 250MB data                                                                                    £7.50

500 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 1GB data                                                                                       £10.00

500 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 3GB data                                                                                       £12.00

500 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 5GB data                                                                                        £15.00

2000 Minutes + Unlimited Texts + Unlimited data                                                                         £18.00


Reasons to join GiffGaff

No contracts or nasty shocks!
If you don’t like being tied to long contracts, GiffGaff is for you! You also wont be credit checked or forced to top up a minimum amount each month. You simply pay for what you use. So no line rental, just low cost rates for everyone!

Freephone numbers are free
Sounds crazy, but calls to 0800 and 0500 numbers are free and unlimited from your GiffGaff phone. This could prove to be a massive saving as most other networks charge 20p a minute to call free phone numbers! #RipOff 😉

Contact other Giffgaff customers for free
Get your friends and family to move to giffgaff and enjoy free calls, texts and video calls to each other. no catches or limits!

Great network coverage and reliability
Giff Gaff is powered by the O2 mobile phone network in the UK. This means you will be covered in most areas and can enjoy the 3G and 4G improvements they are making.


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Tune in daily, weekdays from 5.30pm on Channel 4. #streetmate


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