Free SIM Cards Faqs

Why are they free, what’s the catch?
All SIMs listed on our site are given away for free because the phone networks want you as a customer. Compared to other marketing channels, giving away free SIM cards is a great value way of getting new customers. That’s it! No catch it just means you get a SIM card that can cost up to £10 but for the best price of free!

How do I order a free SIM card
Simples! On our homepage is the complete up to date list of every network and the current free SIM card offers they have. When you have seen an offer you like you simply need to click through and complete the simple form.

How long will it take for my new SIM to arrive?
In most cases around 2 days. This can sometimes be the next day. Delivery is normally by Royal Mail 1st Class post, but on occasions some networks use a courier. Either way delivery is always free as is the SIM card that is being sent!

How many free SIMs can I order?
Each network has a set limit, however you are welcome to order SIM cards from all the networks listed on our site. This then gives you the choice to switch at anytime or give the left over SIM cards to family members or friends.

Do I have to sign a contract
NO! At the moment all the deals listed on our site are for free pay as you go SIM cards. So they can be used by everyone. Even better you don’t have to supply any bank/direct debit details and you wont be credit checked either. You simply add credit when needed.

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes you can. Best of all it’s free to do so and the process is really simple. Once your new SIM card has arrived it will contain details on how to move your number across.

Do these SIM cards come with free credit pre loaded
On some occasions yes. In the past we have seen some networks offer up to £10 free credit before you even make a first top up!

Are these SIM Cards 4G?
Yes! All SIM Cards listed on our site are 4G and will work in any brand and model of phone. If you don’t have a 4G phone don’t worry because the SIMs will also work in 3G phones and even the older 2G handsets.  So whatever mobile phone you own, these Free SIMs will work. Everone can take advantage of the freebies here!

Ready to order your Free SIM Cards?

Good stuff because they’re waiting for you! To see all our latest offers please click here.