Free Asda Mobile SIM Cards

Asda Mobile

We’ve teamed up with yet another great network to bring you an amazing free SIM card offer. This time it’s from Asda Mobile and you can order your FREE SIMs while stocks last. Simply click through to order and in a couple of days your SIM will arrive.

A fresh look for Asda Mobile in 2021

Asda Mobile have done away with charging per minute, text and MB of data and instead now offer bundles. These start from £5.00 per month and each one gives you an included set amount of inclusive usage.

This means you get great value but never pay for a plan that you wont need.

No contracts, credit checks or fuss!
Asda Mobile don’t run any credit checks. You simply pay up front at the start of each month. If you want to increase or reduce your plan you can do this without any hassle or fees.

Want to leave the network? Again, no problems. Simply remove your payment method and your service will disconnect at the end of the billing month.

Put a cap on it!
Each bundle comes lots of usage included but if you use this up you can set a spend cap to make sure you don’t run up a big bill.

Great coverage & data speeds
Asda Mobile have joined forces with Vodafone which offer 99% UK population coverage, fast browsing and 5G is included at no extra cost on many of the bundles.

Not just Asda Mobile!

Our site lists free SIM cards from all the major UK networks.