Free 5G SIM Cards

5G is the latest, fastest and most exciting thing to come to the mobile industry. All of the mobile phone networks are working like crazy to roll out this new technology to more areas in 2023.

5G Explained

What is 5G?
In short, it allows you to download content to your phone even faster than before. Many networks are offering customers 5G at no extra cost so now has never been a better time to switch and take advantage of the speed increases.

5G Network Coverage
Many major towns and cities have switched on 5G and less populated areas are being switched on in phases. You can check the coverage on the free SIM sign up page.

Ordering information
To order your free 5G SIM card simply choose a network listed above and on each page is full details about how many free SIMs are on offer along with other details. Once you have filled in your details you should expect to receive your 5G SIM in a couple of days.

My area does not have 5G
It shouldn’t be too long before it does! The good news is, these SIMs still work with the older 3G & 4G networks too.