Free SIM Cards

Founded in 2007, Free SIM Cards is one of the oldest and most trusted places to get all the latest free SIMs from. We check the leading UK mobile phone networks daily and publish the results here so you don’t have to spend ages looking yourself!

We also have some exclusive deals which some of the networks have allowed us to share. Many of these include things like free credit right though to extra data, calls and texts!

Free SIMs are available from these networks…

Click on each of the mobile network logos below to see full details + to order your Free SIM cards!

How to order your free SIM?
Getting your free SIM Cards only takes a couple of clicks. After you have entered your postal details, it’s just a case of waiting a couple of days for your new SIM Cards to be delivered. Even the postage is free, so you really do have nothing to pay!

Ordering limits
Each network has it’s limits on how many Free SIM Cards you can order. This tends to be limited to a set amount per household over a set period of time. You are of course welcome to order free SIMs from all the networks listed on our site. In fact this is a good idea as you never know when a SIM Card might come in handy!

What to do when your SIM Card arrives?
Once arrived, you simply need to pop your free SIM Card into any unlocked or same network handset and thats it. You can then start enjoying the savings of a better value mobile price plan all with no contracts, catches or expensive line rental costs.

Why are they free – what’s the catch?
The catch? None at all. The reason why the main UK mobile phone networks give away free SIM cards is that they want you as a customer! As a marketing tool it’s a great value way of them gaining customers and the great thing is it means you don’t have to pay for the SIM card! Everyone wins which is a nice change!

I want to keep my current number
The good news is you can do this and it has never been so simple. Best of all it wont cost you a penny to bring it across to your new network either!

Simply text the word ‘PAC’ to 65075 from the number you want to transfer and your current network will text you back within 1 minute with your PAC code! This message wont cost you anything and works with all UK mobile networks!